Product Selection Guide

Auction! V4, Cloud or Event!?

Auction! V4 is ideal for an auction event that includes a silent and/or live auction, whether a large gala with entrée selection and seating assignments or something smaller. It also has the ability to track the sale of retail items, add graphics or logos to documents and customize documents, reports, exports, etc. It can also be used to manage banquets and golf tournaments with or without live and silent auctions.

Cloud Only or Cloud as an add on to a V4 software license is ideal for teams that are working from home to create their auction project. It is also ideal for Macs as well as PCs. Cloud has all the features of Auction! V4 in an online app.

Event! is ideal for managing banquets or tournament that do not have a silent or live auction. Event! has all the reservations, tickets, payments, grouping, table assignment etc features of Auction! V4. It has the ability to track the sale of up to 10 retail items.

Auction! V4 Network or Single User edition?

Cloud Only and Event! are network edition. Cloud as an add on is available with a Network edition license. What edition is right for your organization depends on: Event Size, Event Timing and the Size of your data entry/volunteer team.

Event size

Medium to Large Auction Event: Over 150 bidders and over 150 items. Consider Auction! V4 Net. V4 Network edition can easily handle even larger events of 800 or more guests and 1000 or more items.

Smaller Event: 150 or fewer bidders and 150 or fewer items, for full features consider V4 Single User.

Event Timing

Time constraints can make a smaller-sized event need to operate as a large event. When the event is on a tight time schedule, winning bids must be entered very rapidly.

Network edition allows simultaneous access to the same data set by more than one computer if the computers are networked together. For fast paced events, large or small, Network edition is a time saver.

Size of Data Entry Team

Network edition allows the most rapid and convenient sharing of data among several individuals on a network. When a network environment is available (internet is not required) and teamwork is essential, the network version is the choice. Network edition also has the ability to merge projects together. If a network of computers is not available, with network edition data entry can still be shared using multiple computers with separate projects. These projects can be merged into one complete project.