Event! Software

Perfect for managing banquets, tournaments, weddings or other events that do not include an auction.

Event! is a simplified version of Auction! V4.

There are no auction items; it does have 10 retail items. This makes Event! the ideal product for managing banquets and tournaments such as golf, poker or other sporting events that do not have a live or silent auction component.

Events that include an auction need Auction! V4. If you are an event manager that manages auction and non-auction events for multiple customers Contact Us for pricing information and details for Auction! V4.

Event! has network and merge capability for data entry in a team environment. Some of the features included are:

  • Display logos on nametags
  • Show Organization Logo on Documents
  • Flexibility for Names as they appear on documents (formal, standard and informal)
  • Choose whether Company or Name takes precedence on documents
  • Track Additional Household Members (children) in Household Record
  • May assign individuals in same Household Record to different tables
  • 16 user defined name affiliations/categories
  • Group Names from different Name Records for seating or setting up teams
  • Add up to 10 Retail Items
  • Track Payments for Cash Donations
  • Customize Reports and Exports
  • Save individual Invoices as pdfs for email and more.....